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Regaining Your Smile Can Begin with Losing a Tooth

Restore Your Dental Health Through Tooth Extractions

Tooth pain is among the most uncomfortable sensations many of us will ever experience. Sometimes this indicates that tooth decay has reached a nerve, and until the decayed tooth is treated, eating, drinking, and even sleeping may be very difficult. The solution can be as simple as having a cavity filled or a root canal. But when the deterioration is at an advanced level, severe tooth pain may indicate that the tooth is infected beyond saving. While we don’t take tooth extractions lightly, we will perform them when there’s no feasible option for saving your tooth. Our team here at Downtown Dental Arts of Montclair is extensively skilled and experienced at tooth extractions. We’ll remove your unsalvageable teeth with the utmost compassion and care. A highly skilled member of our team will administer a custom level of sedation before the procedure. Afterwards, we’ll provide any medications or additional care you may need.

Replace Your Lost Teeth with Dental Implants

Once your decayed teeth are gone, you’re left with another issue: how to fill the gap. Missing teeth don’t just make for an unsightly smile, they can also compromise your ability to eat and speak properly. What’s more, your jawbone is more prone to decay without healthy teeth roots to stimulate it. Dental implants can solve all of these issues. These are durable, long-lasting teeth that look and function just like your natural teeth. Our team can typically perform tooth extractions and place dental implants during the same visit to our Montclair, NJ office!

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When Tooth Extractions May Be Needed

  • Severe decay
  • Disease or infection
  • Oral trauma damage
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Dental implant preparation

If your tooth is badly decayed and can’t be saved, your dentist may recommend a common surgical procedure called a tooth extraction.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When your third molars (aka “wisdom teeth”) don’t come in fully or correctly, they can crowd existing teeth, causing those adjacent teeth to become crooked, crowded or decayed. Wisdom teeth can be difficult to brush and floss due to their position, which also increases their potential for tooth decay. Sometimes the best way of treating impacted or problematic wisdom teeth is to remove them. If you need wisdom tooth extractions, look to our renowned team. Wisdom tooth extractions are just one of a comprehensive suite of dental health services that we can offer Montclair, NJ residents in one convenient location.

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Every Patient Has A Story

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Dr. Trichas gave me a beautiful smile for my wedding with a full mouth reconstruction. – Smile Makeover Treatment with Teeth Extraction and Implant Restoration

Eliminate problem teeth permanently.