Our Cosmetic Dentistry Method - Montclair, NJ

See Your Future Smile, Now

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Method

You’d never buy a new outfit without trying it on to see how it looks on you, how it fits, and if it’s really right for you, right? At Downtown Dental Arts, we take the approach that you should be able to do the very same thing with your new smile. How will your new teeth look? How will it change the overall aesthetics of your face? We can answer these, or, more precisely, we can show what your final results will look like before we perform any procedures. Our cosmetic dentistry method is unlike anything else you’ve experienced.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Transformation

We can provide digital images or even a tangible mockup of your new smile that you can actually wear. Yes, it’s pretty amazing! A smile makeover is one or a combination of several cosmetic dentistry services that we offer here in one convenient Montclair, NJ office. We start with a thorough consultation where we listen to your desires, your current difficulties and your unique goals. From there we’re able to create a diagnostic blueprint, a mirror-image model of your desired smile with temporary teeth, and have a customized, wearable wax mockup made for you that will enable you to preview—test drive may be a better term—your new smile prior to placement of your final restorations. Using digital imaging technology, we can also give you a highly realistic virtual rendition of you wearing your new smile!

patient smiling after teeth whitening treatment MONTCLAIR, NJ

Benefits of Our Cosmetic Dentistry Method

  • “Try before you buy”
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind about your end results
  • Get a rare glimpse of the future you
  • Make adjustments to your liking before undergoing any procedures
  • Be inspired by the potential new life before you

Oral Design Backed by a Strong Relationship

Part art, part science, smile design is a discipline unto itself. It takes highly credentialed and caring professionals like Dr. Konstantine Trichas and Dr. Sophia Chadda and the invaluable staff at our Montclair, NJ office to make your smile truly shine. Successful cosmetic dentistry also requires a strong connection between doctor, patient, and our cutting-edge laboratory that fabricates the patient’s new teeth. Your desires drive us to create the perfect solutions for you. Our lab delivers your final restorations based on the specifications we determine. It is the participation of all three parties—you and your aesthetic goals, us and our cosmetic dentistry expertise, and our lab’s precise products, that make it possible to give you results that will wow you.

Dr. Trichas consulting a patient MONTCLAIR, NJ

Have a glimpse into your own eye-catching future!