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Enjoy a More Balanced Smile

Crown Lengthening Makes It Possible

Having two full rows of healthy teeth and gums is something that most people desire. Sometimes having those isn’t enough to make you happy with your smile, no matter how healthy it may be. When your gums dominate your smile (a condition often called a gummy smile), it can be all you really notice, and it can make you feel self-conscious that others are noticing it as well. What you’re really looking for is a better teeth-to-gum ratio—that is, not too much of one or the other. Our smile artists can transform your gummy smile into a balanced, glowing smile that’ll make you feel more confident than ever. Crown lengthening (also referred to as soft tissue recontouring), is a cosmetic dentistry process that’s part of the comprehensive suite of dental services our team can provide right here in one convenient Montclair, NJ location.

The Crown Lengthening Process

Crown lengthening involves Dr. Konstantine Trichas, Dr. Sophia Chadda, and members of our highly experienced team carefully removing some of the gum tissue around your tooth or teeth while taking great care to preserve the natural shape of your gums (the reason it’s called “soft tissue recontouring”). With more of the surface of your teeth visible, those teeth appear longer while the gums at their base look shorter, improving your tooth-to-gum ration. We can generally complete crown lengthening in a single visit!

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What Are the Benefits of Crown Lengthening?

  • Improved tooth-to-gum ratio
  • Restored confidence with a smile you’re proud to share
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay and disease

Other Advantages of Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a safe and effective procedure that can create a better balance of teeth and gums to make your smile look amazing—but the benefits aren’t only aesthetic! Soft tissue recontouring enables us to do a deeper cleaning, which helps preserve your teeth and gums. If you need to make more space for a crown placement or prepare your teeth for orthodontic treatment—both of which are performed right here in the same Montclair, NJ, office—crown lengthening will also be beneficial to you.

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See what crown lengthening can do for your smile!