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Overcome Your Dental Anxiety with IV Sedation

If you experience dental anxiety, you’re not alone. But while a fear of the dentist can seem ordinary enough, the truth is, dental anxiety can severely jeopardize not only your dental health but your overall health as well. Extreme dental anxiety can cause you to disregard telltale symptoms and avoid seeking dental treatment, significantly increasing your chances of having a small dental health issue become a large one, or a major oral health problem escalate into a larger systemic health issue. Maintaining good oral health means much more than having healthy, attractive teeth! At Downtown Dental Arts of Montclair, we can help you overcome your dental anxiety and stay healthy through the use of IV sedation.

Sedation and Anesthesia Options

We invite you to schedule an appointment for our Montclair, NJ office to receive care from our compassionate, understanding team, no matter what symptoms you may be experiencing. We provide local anesthetic as needed for procedures but we also offer IV sedation through a trusted specialist. In addition, Dr. Konstantine Trichas and Dr. Sophia Chadda have privileges at Pleasantville Outpatient Care, where we can provide general anesthesia during surgical procedures. Learn more now about how we can make your experience with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible:

Iv sedation MONTCLAIR, NJ

IV Sedation

IV Sedation

IV sedation is administered intravenously and induces a sleep-like state. A relaxing and gentle experience, you won’t feel or remember anything.
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General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is administered by an IV, as a gas, or as a combination of the two, and renders you unconscious for the duration of your procedure.
local sedation MONTCLAIR, NJ

Local Anesthetic

Local Anesthetic

This form of anesthesia is injected or applied topically and numbs only the area of your body where the procedure will be performed.

Dr. Trichas shares sedation options available at Downtown Dental Arts

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Nothing to Remember Means Nothing to Fear

Our patients often require some form of sedation and/or anesthesia in order to undergo treatment without fear or discomfort. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We understand completely. IV sedation is the optimal choice for many of the procedures we provide here in our Montclair, NJ office; it offers an advantageous combination: powerful, reliable pain control that leaves you with no memory of the procedure, but that will keep you awake so we can communicate with you if necessary. You won’t realize that you’re awake and will remain calm and relaxed the entire time.

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