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What Are Dental Implants and Why Should You Choose Them?

When you’re missing teeth or have teeth that are so severely decayed that they’re unsalvageable, tooth replacement is usually your best course of action for maintaining both your health and your appearance. But what kind of replacement teeth should you get? While there are a few options, the best choice available today by far is dental implants. Why? Because they last a long time—possibly a lifetime, with proper care—and they look, function, and feel just like natural teeth. At Downtown Dental Arts of Montclair, our team has decades of combined experience transforming smiles and enhancing lives with dental implants. To help you gain a fuller understanding of dental implants and their benefits, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions. We hope you find it helpful!

Answers to Common Questions About Dental Implants

Dental implants are comprised of three components: a screw-like titanium post that’s inserted into your jaw and acts as your tooth root, a high-quality crown—the visible part of your new tooth, and an abutment, which connects the other two components. The post integrates with your jawbone to become a permanent part of your body within a few months.

With CHROME technology we use high-definition simulations and custom-fitted surgical guides to precisely place your dental implants for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal. During the placement procedure itself we can offer IV sedation, local anesthetic, and with our privileges at a Montclair, NJ-area medical center, even general anesthesia under some circumstances. Rest assured we’ll do everything to make you as comfortable as possible for the duration of your visit.

In most cases, yes! We can rebuild your jawbone and make you a candidate for dental implants through a procedure called bone grafting.

You can get dental implants to replace one, several, or an entire arch of missing teeth. If you have many missing teeth, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need an implant to replace each of them, because we can offer full arch dental implants by placing as few as four posts in your jaw!

Multiple factors figure into the cost of your dental implants, but no dollar amount can be put on their many benefits: an amazing smile, increased confidence, and a better overall quality of life.

While dental implants can take up to six months to fully heal and fuse with your jawbone, our highly skilled and experienced team can usually place them in one visit, even if you require tooth extractions or bone grafting. You’ll leave your visit with provisional teeth that will enable you to eat and speak normally until you return to have your permanent implants placed.

Since your dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth, they need the exact same type of care. Brush and floss two times daily and come in to our Montclair, NJ office for regular cleanings to maintain your dental implants.

Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants integrate with the jaw just like natural tooth roots, help preserve your jawbone health, and most closely replicate natural teeth in look, feel and function. What’s more, they’re permanent!

A personalized consultation with one of our doctors is the best way to begin! We’ll take time to listen to your concerns and preferences, provide a thorough evaluation, and recommend the implant options that best meet your needs. Afterwards, we’ll be ready to schedule placement of your dental implants!

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