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Consider the Real Value of Dental Implants

Dental implants are more than an investment in replacement teeth—they’re the gateway to a new fulfilling life in which everyday activities like eating, speaking, and smiling no longer cause you difficulty nor worry. A life in which your self-confidence can soar. With a base of durable, biocompatible titanium, dental implants are by far the longest-lasting tooth replacement option available today. Through proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime. Considering all of these advantages, it’s difficult to calculate their real value. Read on for a few specific factors that can directly impact your dental implant cost, or contact our Montclair, NJ office for information.

Procedures That Figure into Your Dental Implant Cost

Your dental implant cost—the actual dollar amount—is dependent on a few different related factors. Sometimes dental implant placement requires additional procedures to get your mouth into the right condition to receive implants. Each will figure into your final dental implant cost.

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Bone Grafting

Bone grafting

If decay has caused your jawbone to deteriorate, we can rebuild it through bone grafting, during which we take a piece of bone from another part of your body and place it in the area of the jawbone loss. The graft eventually heals as part of your jaw, enabling us to place dental implants.
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Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions

Dental implants are used both to replace missing teeth and to replace teeth that are decayed beyond repair. If you have any teeth like this in your mouth, we must remove them in order to place your dental implant(s).
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Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft Tissue Treatment

Decay and disease can impact not only your teeth and bones, but your gums as well. In some cases, gum removal or adjustment procedures may be a necessary part of your dental implant treatment plan.
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Number of Implants Needed

Number of Implants Needed

Will you need a single dental implant or full arch of dental implants? A higher number of implants means more materials and time are required, resulting in a higher cost that is nonetheless well worth the investment.

Dr. Trichas explains what determines the cost of dental implants

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Come in for a Consultation

Visit our Montclair, NJ office for a personalized consultation with Dr. Konstantine Trichas or Dr. Sophia Chadda, our skilled dentist and board-certified periodontist. Both are extensively trained and experienced in placing dental implants, and use the latest techniques for precise implant placement, including guided surgery. During your consultation, we can discuss all the factors that will go into your treatment plan and help determine your dental implant cost. This includes an assessment of the current condition of your oral health through an examination of your mouth. During this and every visit, we work hard to forge a strong relationship with you by really listening to and responding to your needs. See for yourself.

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Let’s determine your dental implant cost together.