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A Strong Jawbone Is the Foundation of Your Smile

Bone Grafting Restores and Reinforces Your Jaw

Your jawbone is literally the foundation for your teeth. If you lose a tooth to decay or other factors, the jawbone underneath the gap begins to weaken and becomes susceptible to decay. Eventually, your jawbone can start to disintegrate. Vice versa, if you lose jawbone density due to gum disease or systemic health conditions, you may lose your teeth as well. In these instances, you have two issues to contend with: replacing your missing teeth and rebuilding the missing bone. The first can’t happen without the second. Dental implants require a strong, healthy jawbone for support. Fortunately, we can rebuild your jawbone right here in our Montclair, NJ office through a procedure called bone grafting.

Bone Grafting Explained

Bone grafting is an innovative procedure that can restore your jaw, your oral health and is oftentimes what patients need to qualify for dental implants. During this procedure, Dr. Konstantine Trichas, Dr. Sophia Chadda, and members of our team use well-practiced skill to place new bone material into the weakened area. This new bone graft will eventually fuse together with the existing bone, forming a strong bond and rebuilding the volume to an acceptable level. When your jawbone heals, its density will be restored, and you’ll be one step closer to receiving dental implants. If you have missing teeth, dental implants can change your life, giving you back normal function and boosting your confidence in a way that only a healthy mouth full of shiny, beautiful teeth can.

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Six Benefits of Bone Grafting

  • Rebuild and reinforce your jawbone
  • Become a candidate for dental implants
  • Restore your facial balance
  • Preserve your youthful appearance
  • Stop your teeth from shifting
  • Undo damage caused by gum disease
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Bone Grafting-Related Procedures

If you’ve had a tooth extracted or lost and need to rebuild the natural shape and contour of your gums and jaw, we can perform a procedure called ridge augmentation. This involves using bone grafts to rebuild the alveolar ridge of the jaw, restoring the original height and width of the socket as well as the distinctive shape and appearance of your face! When you’ve experienced bone loss in your upper jaw, you may require additional treatment before you can receive upper arch dental implants. With a bone grafting procedure known as a sinus lift, we gently raise the floor of your sinus cavity and fill the space underneath with bone graft material. Once the bone has regenerated following your sinus lift procedure, your jawbone will be able to support dental implants.

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A Single Location, a Broad Range of Care

When you’re getting dental implants placed by us, all aspects of your treatment—from bone grafting to placement of the dental implants themselves and any follow-up care—are provided by Drs. Trichas and Chadda and the leading-edge team right here in our Montclair, NJ office. As a multi-specialty team with a dentist and periodontist, we’re best positioned to provide you and your family with a wide array of dental implant-related and other essential dental services. Once you establish care with us, you’ll see how we build and nurture a relationship with you, and you’ll never need—or want—to go anywhere else.

Don’t let bone loss stand in the way of your dream smile.